Large and small ceramic tubular vessels by Ellul Ceramics

Ellul Ceramics

Ellul Ceramic’s sculptural vessels and forms are inspired by the beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark and seed pods. The pieces can be complex and multi-layered or simple one-layered vessels. Surfaces are almost bone like with fossilized leaf patterns or inlaid textures. Simple washes of oxide highlight texture and the occasional use gold leaf adds a sense of luminosity. 

Image: Tubular Bowls

Photography: Laura Hutchinson Photography

24ct Gold leaf Ceramic Vessel by Ellul Ceramics

News for 2015

After taking 2014 out of her studio for other projects, Lisa will be back exhibiting her ceramics throughout the United Kingdom in 2015. Information on upcoming exhibitions and shows will be posted on this website when dates are confirmed. You can also recieve news by signing up to Lisa's newsletter or following her on twitter or facebook.

Image: 24ct Gold Leaf Bowl

Photography: Laura Hutchinson Photography

Ellul Ceramics handmade floral ceramic tile


Click here to vist the shop to choose from a variety of vessels and ceramic tiles. All the tiles are handmade and unique, designs changing subtly with the change of the seasons.

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For up-to-date news follow Ellul Ceramics on Twitter.