Flora & Fauna Handmade Tiles

I love making these small botanical wall pieces! Each one is totally unique and is a small piece or art in itself. They change with the season from spring through to late autumn and often feature snowdrops, ferns, honesty, hardy geraniums, sage and lavender leaves. These have natural earthy tones that will go with any decor.

They have a small metal hanger on the reverse for displaying on your wall. I have lots of designs available to purchase through my online shop.

Sizes from 10cm to 15cm square.

15cm £40.00 plus postage.

10cm £18.00 plus postage.

As featured in the magazines Country Home & Interiors, Ideal Home and The English Home.

Photography by Laura Hutchinson.

10cm Floral Tiles in Earthy Tones

15cm Tile in Earthy Tones

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