About Ellul Ceramics

Lisa Ellul is a ceramicist based in the beautiful Peak District National Park. From her workshop she designs and hand makes sculptural vessels and forms inspired by the natural world. She has been a designer for nearly twenty years and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Lisa has pieces in the William Alfred Ismay collection bequeathed to the Yorkshire Museum and the “Made In Manchester” collection at the City Gallery, Manchester.

my history How it all began

My path to becoming a ceramist began in Liverpool in 1990 while working as a bank clerk. Feeling totally out of place in the office environment I visited the local careers office during one lunchtime. When asked what area of work I was interested in. I had no hesitation in replying that I wanted to be an artist! An interview was arranged with Liverpool City College and by the following week I’d been accepted onto the Art Foundation course. My creative journey had begun!

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my inspiration What inspires my ceramics

I’ve always had a love of nature and been fascinated by the beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, corals and shells. It is this natural theme that inspires my ceramics.

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my ceramics Life as a ceramist

The majority of my year is spent in my studio designing and making. Though I love the quiet atmosphere, which allows me to work uninterrupted for hours at a time, it can sometimes be a lonely experience! To counter balance this solitary existence I spend a few weeks a year participating in arts trails, open studios and specialist ceramic and contemporary craft events around the country. It's an opportunity to meet and socialise with my contemporaries and talk about my work with the public.

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